Price Match Policy

‘We wont be beaten on Price' : The Couriers To India Price Match Policy.

Couriers To India reviews its pricing policy every month in line with Fuel Surcharges and Exchange Rates prevailing across Australia and India. We also scan our competitor's rates (legitimately) and try to offer the best prices as we possibly can. This gives us the opportunity to keep our prices competitive. We will match our prices to any competitor prices as long as it is for the ‘same service’.

'Same Service' means any Courier Business that can deliver the same efficiency, speed and customer service offered by Couriers To India. Please don't expect sea freight rates for air freight.

A humble note to our competitors - Instead of calling us pretending to be customers, you are welcome to call us and discuss your requirements openly. At the end of the day, we are all here to earn a fair living and provide exceptional customer service to our customers (and yes - you are our customer). If we can help your business, we would gladly assist in any way we possibly can.