How It Works

How it Works

Step 1

Determine the following:

  • weight of the package
  • dimensions of the package in centimetre(cm). L x B x H

Step 2

Complete the Electronic Form or Download one from the 'Booking Forms' Section of the website

Step 3

Provide the following information

  • weight
  • dimensions
  • pick up address
  • delivery address including postcode (ensure you check this address)
  • Receiver's telephone number
  • Pick up date
  • Contents and value of each item
  • Your email address

Step 4

Receive the Airway Bill via email, PRINT & keep ready

Step 5

Hand over the package & printed Airway Bill to driver on the date of pick up

Step 6

Sit back and relax knowing that your Courier is on its way to India in the quickest way possible.