HOW to

Obtain a Quote

Use our Quote Calculator

Call us on 1300 696 176


Please call 1300 696 176 from 10am to 10pm – 7 days.

Alternatively, use our Quote Calculator to obtain a quote and then proceed to fill in the Shipping Form and make a payment via PayPal.


Please use the Tracking option on our website. We have built a link for each freight provider to ensure you receive up to date and accurate information.


Ensure your package is adequately secured and all items inside the package are bubble wrapped.

Alternatively, you can use paper packaging to ensure the items do not move inside the packaging.


Advise the operator that you would like to obtain insurance for your package. Most carriers charge a fee of $15.00 plus 1% of the shipping charges.


It is your responsibility to ensure that the items are packed securely. However, in case you have selected additional insurance, please contact us within 2 days of receiving the package. Under no circumstances will a claim be accepted if it has not been lodged within 2 days.


Refer to the Section – How to Measure. Ideally, you would have to use measuring tape to measure the dimensions. You will also have to provide us with the accurate weight of the package. Any discrepancy will lead to an additional charge of $10.00 administration fee plus freight costs.

Pay Shipping

Use our secure online payment gateway provided by PayPal. All transactions are secure and processed by PayPal.

Alternatively, you can deposit the funds directly in our bank account. However, you will have to wait until the funds have cleared.

Pay - Duties and Taxes

The receiver pays for all duties and taxes at the time of delivery in INR. Alternatively, we can hold a deposit of $100.00 to pay for all duties and taxes before it is delivered. If there is any surplus this will be processed by PayPal to your credit card.

Create Commercial Invoice

Download the Commercial Invoice Template from the Resources Section of the website.

WHAT happens if

My package is lost

Most likely, your Courier to India is not lost. It may have been misplaced in transit or loaded onto the wrong aircraft/van. It is highly likely that it will appear back onto the system within 24 hours. If you are concerned, please call us on 1300 696 176 and we can lodge a manual trace on your behalf.

My package is damaged

If the recipient has noticed visible damage prior to accepting delivery, please ensure that the Airway Bill is noted and counter signed by the delivery driver. Alternatively, if the damage is noticed at a later stage, you have up to 2 days from the time of delivery to lodge a claim. No claim will be accepted past this timeline.

I realise I have entered the wrong dimensions/weight

There will be a $10.00 administration fee to change the airway bill and reissue you with a new one. The ideal option is to ensure you have the right dimensions and weight of the package.

I want to cancel the shipment

If an airway bill has not been generated we will gladly refund your payment in full.

If an Airway Bill has been generated, we will deduct a $10.00 administration fee and refund the money via PayPal.

If the shipment has been picked up, unfortunately there is not much we can do. Give us a call on 1300 696 176 to discuss your options.

I want to change my pickup address/time

Give us a call to discuss your options. Under some circumstances, we may not be able to change the address/time and a futile pick up fee of $10.00 may be charged.

I do not have a printer to print the Shipping Documents

A manual Airway Bill and Commercial Invoice may have to be prepared. Give us a call on 1300 696 176 to discuss your options.

There is a discrepancy in weight

All freight carriers use the higher of Cubic Weight or Dead Weight. In the unlikely event that your consignment is billed at a higher amount, an invoice will be issued which will have to be paid within 7 days.


Couriers To India

Couriers To India is an innovative solution to get your Couriers To India in the shortest possible time using industry’s best carriers – DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT. We do not use any other providers. All Track and Trace functionality will be provided by these service providers so you can rest assured that your Couriers To India is in the best possible hands.

Only industry leaders – DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS

Industry leaders have a robust logistic system and customer service. They have moved millions of packages and ensured they are delivered safely on time. We love to work With the best hence, have decided to sign up with them.