Delivery Policy

Couriers To India Delivery Policy

Couriers To India is a freight forwarding agent that works closely with DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS and other allied service providers. As a forwarding agent, we do not have any control over the flights, timings, agencies involved or the pick up and delivery schedule of your package. All information provided to you is in good faith and based on the previous experiences we have had with other Couriers To India. Freight Cost is payable as soon as shipment is picked up. The consignment cannot be returned under any circumstances once it has been picked up. All customs duties and taxes become payable as they fall due.

We will try to ensure that your package is delivered in the shortest time possible. However due to external factors, force majeure or internal freight traffic, we cannot assure you that your package will be delivered on a specific date or time.

The logistic provider should be contacted directly in case there is doubt with regard to the safety of your package.

We always recommend obtaining an Insurance on your package and it is your responsibility to declare the correct value of your package. Remember, your customs duties and taxes are dependant on the declared value hence you are requested to weight the benefits of such declarations.

Remote Area delivery incur an additional surcharge of minimum $22.00 or $5/kg (which ever is higher).

A demurrage fee of $22.00 will be charged after 48 hours of consignment being held for customs clearance due to delay in required paperwork/identification documents not being provided to Couriers To India by the sender or the receiver.

Under NO circumstances will your payment be refunded once the consignment is picked up from the sender.

If in doubt, please contact us on 1300 696 176 to obtain advice.