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For international or domestic transportation, shipping of your luggage can be cost-efficient and hassle-free way of sending your luggage to the destination.

There are a few simple steps for shipping your belongings:

  1. Weigh and measure:

 Before you start packing, weigh your luggage to understand how much it can cost you. If the size of the items is big, measure the length, width & height too. Discard unnecessary items which are increasing the weight or increasing the size of the luggage.

  • Choose the luggage shipping company:

Search for the luggage shipping company and select according to the timeline, destination, and budget. Check for the service coverage area of the shipping company. There can be different rates for urban and rural areas. Emergency transportation can require additional charges. Check for the following criteria while choosing-

  • Area of coverage
  • Remote Area Delivery
  • Reviews
  • Rates
  • Speed of shipping
  • Packing:

Packing is an important step before you hand over the luggage. Put your belongings in a box of appropriate size. Make sure the box can carry the weight of the items put inside. If the items are fragile then padded boxes are advised. Bubble wrap the vulnerable items. Sometimes the shipping company takes care of the packing as well. Click the picture of the items before packing for your knowledge.

  • Insurance

For high valued and confidential items insurance of shipping is advised to ensure extreme safety. For example-. Insurance of your products is not mandatory; it is up to you if you want extra care and safety for your precious items.  (these items are restricted items – we do not courier them)

  • Pick up location

Coordinate with the shipping company regarding the pick-up location. Sometimes the company picks from the house or the mentioned address, otherwise, you might have to drop your luggage to the mentioned location.

  • Tracking

The final step is tracking your luggage. Nowadays tracking can be done using the unique tracking id provided by the shipping company very easily.  Though messages or emails are sent for tracking, keep the receipt for documentation. In case of damage or discrepancy, you may claim for the damage.

The process of shipping luggage is simple and straightforward. Follow the above-mentioned steps for a flawless and effortless shipment.

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