Use These Tips to Avoid Parcel Damage While Sending Courier to India

Sending Courier to India

Are you skeptical to send a courier to India, worrying over damage while the transit?

It’s natural for you to have such doubts.

This is not to say that you can’t take precautions to avoid this from happening. Finding a good courier service is not nearly enough.

Make sure to take the following stringent measures yourself:

1. Pack Your Product in Double Walled Box

Using a new as well as a double walled cardboard box can help you avoid potential damage while sending a courier to India.

Double walled boxes have two sheets of cardboard attached to each other with a strong adhesive. If the packaging is handled by the courier service itself, then also request them to do the same.

2. Add Internal Packaging

To prevent your items from getting damaged, padding them from the inside is a great option. One can pad the parcel with bubble wrap or foam. There should be at least 5-cm padding of either bubble wrap or foam.

You can also fill the parcel box with foam or old newspapers to prevent damage.

3. Avoid Packaging Your Item in Fabric Bags

Don’t cover your product with thin fabric or wrapping paper. It might look nicer, but it doesn’t provide any protection to the parcel. Use a thick, strong material to wrap your box. The look of the box does not matter, only the item inside it does. Therefore using a thick material is a better option as compared to a beautiful wrapping paper.

4. Look Out For a Credible Courier Company

Do proper research and select a company that has a great track record. Comparing the customer reviews of different companies will definitely help you identify the right one. Ask around your acquaintances, colleagues, and friends to get the names of the companies they might have used in the past and have had a nice experience with.

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