3 Signs You Are Dealing With a Bad Parcel Service To India

Parcel Service To India

It’s quite natural to turn to parcel service to India if you are planning to send a parcel to a relative or a friend in the country.

You just have to place an order for your parcel to be delivered and you can now sit back and relax. You don’t have to worry about anything.

However, sometimes, when you make the mistake of hiring a wrong delivery service, this is not how everything pans out. From unwarranted delays to poor customer service, you have to deal with so many aberrations.

Today, we will talk about some telling signs that help you identify you are dealing with a bad parcel service to India.

1. You Have to Face Extended Delays

If you are facing long delays for a parcel you sent to India, then it is an alarming sign. For one, it could mean that something went wrong during the delivery. If the company is now asking you to wait for more number of days than agreed upon, that’s a sign that the parcel service you chose is a wrong one.

This problem can be easily averted if you do a background check on the parcel service before using their services. Make sure that you ask around about them, read their reviews, and check their past records.

2. Poor Customer Service

Something that is even more rankling than a delay is when the company doesn’t even bother to inform you about it. This is a clear sign that either your parcel is lost or facing some damage. Sometimes, they don’t even answer your calls and emails — which means that you are dealing with extremely poor customer service.

3. Irresponsible Delivery Men 

The Daily Mail reported an instance where the delivery man dumped the delivery parcel in the trash can and signed the receipt himself because the family was away. And ironically, when the customer sought help from the parcel service, they were turned away without any help. Again, you need to do a background check to see if the parcel service to India you are dealing with is credible or not.

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