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Couriers To India Refund Policy

Please contact Couriers To India prior to the despatch of your courier to ensure that the rates are accurate. We will require exact dimensions of the packages and weight to ensure the quote is accurate.

Due to the nature of the business, there will be NO refunds once your package is picked up by the logistic provider. You will be charged as per the freight rates mentioned on our website at the higher of cubic or actual weight. All costs involved in the collection of your debt will be passed on to you or your authorised representatives. We reserve the right to appoint solicitors, debt collection agencies and other legal professionals that would ensure that our invoice is paid by you or your representatives. Further charges may be applied in such instances with a basic cost of $1000.00 should a debt collection agency or solicitor be required.

Please refer to the Insurance Policy Section to ensure you understand your rights and obligations when Insurance is selected as an Optional Service.

(updated:04 Aug 2014)